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Faust (Classic Reprint) by H P Grattan
Faust (Classic Reprint)
Author: H P Grattan
Number of Pages: 26 pages
Published Date: 27 Sep 2015
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781330714621
File Name: Faust.(Classic.Reprint).pdf
Download Link: Faust (Classic Reprint)

Excerpt from Faust Act I. Scene I. - Landscape by sunset, with distant view of Tower. Enter Peasants, U. E. O. P., who waltz round the stage, and then sing the following Chorus. Air. - "Weber's last Waltz." Time is on the wing, Let us dance and sing; And waltz the passing hours in bliss away. Fondly twine around - To the tender sound Of the Meinsinger's witching lay. Oh, life has no pleasure like those we taste here, While treading joy's measure with those hold dear In the fond caress, To bosom - bosom press, In many boundings ever fair and new, 'Tis the waltz alone, That to love makes known - If young hearts beat fond and true. [At the conclusion, Waltz off 2 E. F. S. Enter Eric and Rodolph, U. E. O. P. Eric. (Pointing to window.) See, Rodolph, see the fitful blaze appears, As ever at this hour. What can it mean? Rod. But little good! That chamber is a Sealed book to all of us. Since the Young Faust returned from his wild Travels in the Hartz district, he hath been abstracted, nay almost Morose - if asked to join the sports Of our gay friends; - they say he Seeks the famous stone with which to Change all substances to gold, While others think a more unhallowed Object binds him to his closet. Eric. I have heard of this before heard As a child's ear drinks in such things, With deepest dread - how that in days Long past, some potent sages Could command the master fiend of Evil, but in my riper years I Look upon the tale as one of idle dreaming. Rod. I know not what to think. But this I know - young Faust has ever been A riddle at school, in some few Months, he far outstripped even the Oldest of his appointed teachers; and Before half the time allotted To the tedious reading of his college life, He left that too, as having nothing more To learn - His worst fault is ambition: So boundless, he would, had he the mean - As I have heard him say - unsheet From out their tombs, the buried heroes Of a thousand years, and wrestle With them for their famous laurels. Eric. Whom have we here? Rod. Hanchen's betrothed, Petreuse, the Serving man of Mynheer Faust, a Simple fool, who apes his every turn, And fain would have the world believe He can himself control the wandering Spirits. Eric. Is he mad? Rod. I almost think he is; see what A lame attempt he makes at looking Wise; thus does he ever crawl about With some huge volume he Pretends to read. Enter Petreuse, 1. E. O. P., with large book, dressed in a solemn suit, with large bands. Well, Petreuse. Pet. Well, Gadfly. Eric. What dost read? Pet. Would'st know? Rod. Aye, that would we. Pet. When I have done thou shall peruse the Book thyself, and learn. Rod. Can'st not tell us now? Pet. Tell thee, shallow pate! my learning Never can be told! Rod. I do believe thee; what doth thy master, Faust, in that lone turret? Pet. Ask him. Eric. Why should we, when we may hear from thee - thou art a learned man. Pet. Thou art right; but there is one point which Learning never could communicate! Eric. Which is - Pet. That which the learned know not. Eric. Pshaw! thou art duller than a Christmas Jest; or sugared plaything's motto! Come, Rodolph, let us hence! Rod. Have with thee! Good even, learned sir, We leave you to your studies. Mark The Philosopher! Ha! ha! [Exit with Eric, 1 P. S. Pet. Laugh on ye! witless lumps of unrefined Clay - ye men of mud laugh on - show Your wide throats, I heed ye not! I am progressing, Soon shall I look a perfect scholar.

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